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 Natalya S. Ivanova

Senior Scientist Botanical Garden of Ural Branch RAS, 
Professor of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences

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E-mail: i.n.s@bk.ru

forest science, classification and typology of forest ecosystems, anthropogenic transformation and restoration-age change, nonlinear dynamics, synergetics, catastrophe theory, sustainable forest management

I am a botanist and forester. PhD. I am studying the diversity of forest types and dynamics of forest vegetation in the Urals (Russia). I studied patterns of natural and anthropogenic dynamics of forest vegetation in the mountains of South and Middle Urals. I am doing research since 1991.Complex forest geobotanical researches were carried out. Full profile soil cuts were put. Different moistening conditions (fresh, occasionally dry; stable-fresh; fresh, occasionally wet; wet, wet occasionally) are presented in the ecological profile. The landscapes diversity, the moisture regime, soils and complex ecotone effect resulted in a high diversity of forest types and their specific structure.I received information on the specific structure, productivity of forests, reforestation. I studied the natural and secondary forests. Three hypotheses have been formulated and tested: 1 – the divergence of development lines of forest ecosystems, depending on the type and intensity of the external action; 2 – the descent of the different development lines within a native forest type; 3 – the leveling of differences between the various forest ecosystems under the influence of similar violations. The work initiates the development of a new interdisciplinary field of science, which is based on an understanding of non-linearity, adaptability, the fractal and network organization of ecological systems.To describe the alternative development of vegetation after clear-cutting differential equations systems were used.


Website  "Genetic typology and dynamics of forest » (http://www.dynfor.ru) became a Laureate of All-Russian exhibition-presentation of educational books from the series " Gold fund domestic science " ( Sochi , 22-25 September 2011 ) and winner of the Russian professional competition domestic producers of high-tech products in the category " Best Information project" ( Moscow, 2011 )

Decision of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of May 15, 2012 Natalya Ivanova was awarded the Medal of the VI Vernadsky for success in the development of national science .

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